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Programming Cash Registers

All cash registers sold on require programming before they can be used for the first time. This involves simple things like setting the date and time, as well as more complex tasks such as tax rates and currency conversion rates. On more advanced models, it also includes entering Product Look Up (PLU) codes and prices as well as setting up the more sophisticated features the cash register might offer.

Full instructions on how to programme each cash register are included in their respective manuals. However, we recognize that programming can be a time-consuming task and that not everyone will have the technical experience required.

To assist you, offers a cash register programming service, which you can avail of by clicking the relevant option during checkout. We will then require you to submit certain information to us. Typically, this will be a list of the product groups (departments) and products you would like programmed into your till, as well as custom receipt headers/footers. We will usually gather this information by asking you to fill in a special form or spreadsheet.

As part of our standard programming service we will:

  • Perform the initial setup of the cash register (date, time, etc).
  • Create custom receipt header text/graphics (if supported)
  • Set up tax rates
  • Set up departments/products/PLUs (up to 25 in total)
  • Set up quick access keys where applicable
  • Create a custom keyboard layout sheet (where applicable)
  • Test the programmed cash register
  • Supply you with documentation/operating instructions if necessary

Note: Some cash registers may not support all of the above features.

Our team programmes cash registers either by using the programming facilities available on the cash register itself, or by connecting the cash register to a computer. Programming typically takes no longer than a few hours, depending on how much data must be entered. Some of the more sophisticated cash registers may require more time.

Once your cash register is programmed, it will be dispatched to you as soon as possible. Please note that depending on demand, programming your cash register will add 1 - 3 days to your delivery time. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any delays. Next day delivery is not available on cash registers where programming is required.

We also offer a more advanced programming service for those who have very specific requirements. This might include installing peripherals such as barcode scanners, or programming in a large number of products and prices. Please contact us to find out more about what we can offer you.

Cash Registers and Programming